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If your course starts on or after 1 August 2018. You can get an annual payment from the NHS to help with your study and living costs known as a ‘bursary’ if you’re studying to be a doctor. The Welsh NHS bursary is up to £2,643 in 2019–20, or up to £2,207 if living in your parent's home. If your course is longer than 30 weeks, additional allowance is up to £84 per week, or up to £56 if living with your parents. These amounts reduce for incomes above £24,279. Grant non means-tested. £1,000 for full-time students.

NHS Bursary If you’re on a course which leads to a qualification in medicine, dentistry or healthcare then you might be able to get a bursary from NHS Wales If you’re a student studying an NHS funded course in Wales, you can get a Maintenance Loan of up to £4,000 in 2019. 2019-07-17 · NHS Bursary Scheme New Rules 2019/20. 7. What an NHS Bursary Provides. 1.9 The. NHS Bursary Scheme. may provide a contribution towards a medical or dental student’s tuition fees as set out in section 4. Where this is the only assistance for which a student is eligible, the bursary. Where you live. To be eligible to apply for an NHS bursary you must have been living in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man for 3 years up to the start of the academic year. You may. 2020-02-14 · Social Work Bursary. If you are accepted onto our Social Work course, you may be eligible for a Social Work Bursary of which there are a limited number. The NHS Business Services Authority administers bursaries to students studying approved degree courses in social work on behalf of the Department of Health. Prof Steve Tee, executive dean of the faculty of health and social sciences at Bournemouth University, says: “Now the bursary has been taken away there are specialist courses with small numbers.

Register for a MyFunding account Easily manage your Social Work Bursary by signing up for a MyFunding account. By registering a MyFunding account, you can easily: Apply for Social Work Bursary funding; Update your personal details; Check the status of your enrolment. Social Work Bursary Application. Forgotten your password? Forgotten your username? I need to register an account. You can sign up for a MyFunding account by visiting our registration page.

Features. March 2020/2021 March 2020/2021 applications are now open.; Medicine and Dentistry Tuition Fees Invoices Please note Medicine and Dentistry Tuition Fee Invoices will only be sent to Welsh Government for payment after 1st December 2019, providing your university have sent them to us for approval; NHS Bursary to continue in Wales – Health Secretary, Vaughan Gething Health Secretary. 2020-02-21 · NHS funding is usually available for students committed to working in Wales for two years after qualifying. The Welsh Government has confirmed that the NHS Bursary will continue to be available for new students starting in.

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